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Oh...Laura...I am near tears at both of the pictures...the boys just look adorable and you really captured Matthew's "spirit" in that picture...Jim and I agreed it is the best picture of him we've seen in I don't know how long...

Thanks for working your tail off...but now...you'll have to hurry and get the others up...I can't wait to see them!!


Petra Breuer

very good photos!



These are killing me! I love them both!

Brenda Forck

This is Matthew's and Benjamin's MoMo, so I just had to comment as well. :) I agree with my daughter - you "captured" Matthew! You captured a "portal to his heart" through which we can see his laughter, his love, his tenderness, his spirit, his orneriness, his joy, in short: his essence. The picture of Baby Brother Benjamin is breathtaking! Thank you so much for these treasures!!

You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it with other families.

Shelley Rankin

Laura, I just adore your work. Love this story of the little guy and you managed to capture his essence. You are so amazingly talented and I hope to be as good one day.

Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Susan Bates


Thank you for the most precious photo of Matthew. You do have a wonderful gift that inspires more the feelings of being a grandmother. His happiness shows so spontaniously in this photo that I just want to reach out and give him a big hug. And little brother Benjamin's picture is just as heart stopping. How beautiful are God's smallest. I can hardly wait to see the other photos. Grandma Bates



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